The young pizza enthusiast has lost 100kg

The young pizza enthusiast has lost 100kg

A young obese student in the UK has lost so much weight in such a short time that his lecturers refuse to recognize him. According to The Mirror, 20-year-old Kaya Tinker, a young University of Manchester student who was obese and weighed 190 kilograms. Then he started imitating his mother’s diet and managed to lose an amazing 100kg in his weight.

After losing weight so much that when he went to university, his lecturers realized that a new student had come to class. According to the report, Kaya’s 46-year-old mother, Michelle O’Neal, was also obese and signed up to the Cambridge Weight Plan and lost weight by following a ‘1: 1 diet’ diet plan. By following this diet plan, Mashal lost five and a half kilograms in the first week. Seeing this, Kaya also started following her mother’s diet plan. Kaya’s mother lost 38 kilograms in weight from this diet plan. Kia said, “I thought it was impossible to reduce obesity, but when I saw that my mother had lost five and a half kilograms in a week, I was very impressed with her diet. Started to plan. Now I’m happier, more confident and satisfied than ever. I feel like I’m a new person. ”

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