The Bones of the Body - 'Make Them Strong'

The Bones of the Body – ‘Make Them Strong’

With increasing age, the bones of the human body become weaker. The patient also experiences difficulty with arthritis as well as sitting up. If a person suffers from a bone fracture or has a deep injury, he is more likely to have fractures in his hands or toes.
This disease can affect the bones throughout the body, but it has a greater effect on the spine, hip, and wrist.

Ways to stay safe from osteoporosis

The easiest way to stay safe from this disease is to live a vibrant and youthful lifestyle.

Exercise makes bones strong and flexible, but be sure to exercise according to your size.

Avoid excessively heavy exercise. Vitamin D is the best source of sunlight for the bones. The sun’s rays are easy. It is useful for bones if it is normal to spend ten to fifteen minutes in the sun daily. Make whole diets – milk, cheese, yogurt, fish and eggs – a daily diet. Taking care of your health from an old age can protect you from medical problems.

Sunshine is also essential

Two things are more important for strong bones. Calcium and vitamin D help the body absorb vitamin D calcium. The sun’s rays make the body vitamin D.
Get calcium and vitamin D from the diet
For people who are fifty years of age or older, they should receive one thousand milligrams of calcium daily and 600 international units of vitamin D daily.
Calcium strengthens bones and strengthens the teeth and is capable of absorbing vitamin D calcium.


The maximum amount of vitamin D can be obtained from the sun. Even a good amount of vitamin D can be obtained from the sun. One cup of low-fat yogurt daily can be used for a considerable amount of calcium. Yogurt can also be eaten with fruit.


Milk is a full-fledged diet. If you do not want to drink simple milk, fruits can be added to it.


Cheese is a good thing for calcium. Cheese also thickens the body, so eat it moderately.


Eggs are a quick source of some vitamins in the body.
It contains six percent vitamin D from which daily vitamin D can be obtained. Vitamin D is included in its white.


Spinach contains plenty of calcium. A cup of cooked spinach contains about 25% calcium. It also contains iron, fiber and vitamin A.

Irving leaves

Irving leaves are green.
They belong to the family of cabbage, spinach and broccoli. Up to 25% of calcium can be obtained on a daily basis from a cup of cooked Irving leaf.

Quit smoking

It is a good practice not to smoke tobacco. It can harm health in various ways. There is also damage to the lungs. It can damage other body systems, including blood pressure, etc.
It can even weaken the bones, increasing the chances of osteoporosis.

Reduce salt from life

Salt damages the levels of calcium in the body. Keep salt low in the wells. There is plenty of salt in sauces, chips, cheese, pizza and other similar foods.

Be active

The more you use the bones, the stronger they become.
Do you love to sit? Inactive and sitting all day can make the bones weak and in such a case there is a higher risk of developing osteoporosis, so it is important to be active in life. Play some game such as football, cricket, or jump rope. You will also gain fitness and be active. Lift some weight so that you can stay fit and bones strong.

Keep a healthy weight

Weight loss is better for you. If you are gaining weight, the risks of osteoporosis are increasing in the body. Losing excess weight is also not right. You should keep your weight in moderation.

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