Some Interesting Facts To Blow Your Mind

Some Interesting Facts To Blow Your Mind

Some Interesting Facts To Blow Your Mind

If your belt matches your shoe color, it makes your appearance look much more put together.

When you sneeze, all body functions stop- even your heart.

An average person produces enough saliva in their life to fill two Olympic size swimming pools.

A french company can extract the smell from your dead loved one and make a perfume out of it.

When a person cries and the first drop of tears come from the right eye, its happiness. If its from the left its pain.

People say bless you when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a milli-second.

You get red eyes in pictures because your pupil is just a hole and the flash reflects the blood in the back of your eyes.

Jellyfish and lobsters are considered biologically immortal. They won’t age and will never die unless they are killed.

If you confess that you murdered someone to the priest, the secret is protected by catholic law.

Marrying your best-friend statistically eliminates your risk of divorce by 70%.

Brown eyes are blue underneath and you can actually get a surgery to turn them blue.

Outer space is only an hours drive away if your car could drive straight up.

A rat can squeeze in a hole the size of a coin because its skull is collapsible.

If you keep your eyes open when you sneeze you might pop an eyeball out.

Approximately 80% of children’s intelligence is acquired from the mother.

People who smoke weed regularly tend to have more sex than those who don’t.

Smoking cigarettes has been linked to developing gray hair before the age of 30.

Shy people are smarter and more trustworthy.

Psychologically when you are sad, you’ll feel everyone around you happy.

To lose your gag reflex, make a fist with your left hand, squeeze your left thumb, then put your right index finger down your throat.


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