Here Are Some Confidence Hacks

Here Are Some Confidence Hacks

Here Are Some Confidence Hacks

Believe in yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times. This is because it’s so true that if you don’t begin by believing in your own abilities, there’s nothing you can accomplish or become. Believe that if one man (or woman) can do it you can also do it. Evolve faster by reading books and learning new skills. Don’t be afraid to try even if you think you’ll fail if you try.


Look people directly in the eyes without irritating them.

This is a great confidence hack. Remember, if you don’t have self-confidence other people are feeling the same. Having self-confidence in the face of other people breaks the ice and keeps the ball rolling. Self-confidence builds self-esteem, which commands respect from other people.


Don’t show people you’re broke.

Another great confidence hack. Remember, humans are animals and tend to act by instinct rather than by rationality. A little sign of weakness doesn’t earn you sympathy. To the contrary, it will just send the other human beings tearing down at you like ravenous wolves.


Always aim higher than your expected goals.

This boosts confidence. This applies pressure on yourself and gets you out of the comfort zone. Always over-deliver beyond expectations and you will never have competition.


When walking in the streets, walk a little faster than everybody else.

This is a confidence hack. This puts your mind always on alert, helps you stay healthy and focused, improves your judgment and decision making instincts and makes you a hard target for stalkers, muggers and predators.


Always walk with your head held high.

Another confidence hack. This will ensure you miss nothing that should not be missed while putting you in a pole position of advantage and at a vantage point in case of a disadvantage.


Eliminate FEAR from your life.

Be dead to fear. Instead of letting fear dominate you, dominate it. It is an effective weapon against your adversaries and a great advantage to you if you can control it.


Don’t fear to try.

This world is controlled by people who dared to try. There would not have been an electric bulb if someone did not take the risk to try. The reason people don’t try is because they lack confidence.


Build faith.

Faith is just the manifestation of imagination. Everything you see was created by faith. Faith works miracles and manifests the invisible to the visible. Faith is the mother of confidence.


Develop fierce discipline.

Discipline is the wall that protects everything you’ve worked hard for from disappearing in a flash. What has this got to do with confidence? Well, apparently everything. How do you feel when you have a high, solid wall around your house? Secure and confident — right? See what I mean?


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