Facts about about Personality Psychology

Facts about Personality Psychology

Facts about Personality Psychology


1. Staying in love is our own choice but falling in love is not.

2. You can fall in love in just four minutes.

3. Be aware! someone can even die out of heart break.

4. Intelligent people gets distracted easily.

5. Using non-dominant hand like closing door or eating cereal with left hand etc, can strengthen your mind in terms of self control.

6. Ignoring your enemy, moving on and keep on focusing on success is the best revenge, rather than giving letting someone watching you being suffer.

7. When you find yourself get irritated out of nothing, Don’t worry. Sometimes it reflects that you’re missing someone unconsciously.

8. To sound more nicer and diplomatic during conversation try to respond someone’s advice with “Yes! you’re right” rather than starting to prove that you already knew it.

9. Human brain remains in non-satisfactory state, i.e when you’re single, you’ll see every couple as happy, but when you find partner it’ll start seeing singles as happy.

10. Imagine important tasks before taking shower, new psychological research reveals that 72% of people get creative ideas while taking shower.

11. Less intelligent people assume themselves as smart while smart people underestimate their brilliance.

12. What you think you become, thinking positive everyday can psychologically your mind into being a happy person.

13. New research links sleep with happiness, you’ll need less sleep to function if you’re happy and vice versa.

14. Confused while choosing the right one out of two option? flip a coin on a principle of head and tail and focus on your mind thinking while coin is in air, That’s what you really want.

15. Some monks claims that” someone talks about you when you sneeze”.

16. Science proves that cuddling with kids or partner can kills depression, relieve stress, anxiety, and improve immune system as well.

17. Women have twice as many pain receptors than men, and they have higher pain tolerance.

18. In Chinese Coca-Cola is translated as joyful and tasty.

19. Optimistic people tends to think that everyone is positive around them and vice versa

20. Banana is the only fruit containing natural chemical to make someone happy.

Some more facts about personality psychology

  • To make someone like or convince by you during conversation or negotiation use her name repeatedly.
  • Depression occurs due to overthinking, Playing games like this for few minutes to improve your focus and attention span so your brain can control it’s thinking process resulting elimination of depression or such issues.
  • Naturally we’re hard-wired to fear and empathy not progress, it needs hard work.
  • Optimistic people tend to immediately appreciate the idea or post they like or find helpful.
  • You feel more confident, when you wear professional dress
  • You look more beautiful, when you shampoo your hair
  • Helpful people have more sex with their partners
  • People get nicer as they get older
  • Your personality has its own smell
  • Emotional eyes are wet when there dreams come true
  • You can identify person’s character and behavior with eyes
  • Selfish people talk a lot about their success
  • Dirtiness and Uncleanness is the one of the cause for divorce
  • Blind people are much sensitive
  • People can guess your personality by simply smelling your t-shirt.
  • Optimists report higher levels of mental and physical functioning than pessimists.
  • The way people move could provide a unique insight into their personality.
  • Falling in love helps to stabilize the personalities of people who are neurotic.
  • The personality trait of entitlement can lead to chronic disappointment.
  • People get nicer as they get older, in contrast to the stereotype of the grumpy senior.
  • Fear of the unknown is the personality trait that underlies many anxiety disorders.
  • People read a surprising amount into our faces, just from one glance.
  • Having a preference for bitter tastes is linked to psychopathy, narcissism and everyday sadism.
  • Being positive has been linked to living longer by new research.


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