The Most Awesome Psychological Facts

25 The Most Awesome Psychological Facts

Here is the list of most amazing psychological facts about human behavior.

  1. If you find it hard to do something then tell yourself “ok, I’ll just sit there and do it for just 5 minutes”.

  2. If someone is not letting you talk in conversation or argument, drop something, while picking from the ground you can take a chance to start a conversation. It makes them stop for a while.

  3. If someone is being defensive in talking there is a pause in the conversation and let them fill that.

  4. Say “thank you for your patience” instead of “sorry for the wait”

  5. Awkward silence is the sales person’s best friend.

  6. If you want to avoid someone permanently use the “gray rock” method. Make yourself so dull, boring and opposite of drama, people will avoid you.

  7. instead of asking your date on dinner “what do you want” and make a mess, simply ask “what do you not want”.

  8. think like this “how my future self will think if I skip this or if I do this”.

  9. If you want to avoid drama at the workplace and be liked by everyone, then just compliment people when they’re not around.

  10. when a shy person is talking, if you look at them and nod your head, it will encourage them to keep talking.

  11. while arguing with someone, find something to agree upon, and then push your main point. first, agree and then disagree.

  12. In a group, while people are laughing at something, a person will tend to look at someone they love the most.

  13. if someone is having hiccups, ask them to prove it, 95% time it will disappear.

  14. If someone is angry or upset tell them “that’s completely understandable” will give them a victory to shift their emotions.

  15. When you are looking for the name but can’t ask directly go for it like “Oh is Michael still managing up there?” They be like “It’s John now.”.

  16. It works with anything like, Just use it like “Is that your Toyota outside?” they be like “what? NO, mine is the Ferrari”.

  17. If someone apologizes then say “thank you for apologizing” instead of saying “it’s okay”. If someone is apologizing that means something is not okay. so be it “thank you for apologizing, I don’t like when you hit me”.

  18. Whenever you feel low in life, do meditation or play any simple mind focusing game for few minutes. Don’t know how but it works.

  19. Playing dumb can literally get you out of a lot of troubles.

  20. Fun: If you hand something to someone they will literally take it, especially while talking.

  21. “I need your help” works for managing numbers of people. People want to feel needed and want to make difference.

  22. Don’t insult people, tell them how you wish them to be. Like if someone is getting mad, just tell them that you like them more when they are nice to you.

  23. Don’t verbally attack people, they get defensive, instead, tell them how you feel. People can get defensive when attacked but no one can deny how you feel.

  24. “What question do you have” makes people feel comfortable to ask question in compare to “do you have any question to ask” which makes people go silent

  25.        Facts about about Personality Psychology

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